Local Membership


Local membership at Sekhet Bast Ra Oasis requires initiation into at least the Minerval degree of OTO. We offer the Minerval degree at regular intervals throughout the year. Membership confers a number of benefits. Members have the right to attend all public and private events, are able to attend business meetings, review our finances, and have a say in the running of the local body, and may join our private e-mail group. Members of all degrees also have the opportunity to step into a number of positions of responsibility, although the main officer roles are limited to those of I° and above. Membership also allows private use of our temple space for one’s own ritual work. In return for these benefits, Sekhet Bast Ra collects monthly dues from its members to defray the costs of maintaining a public space and performing our functions.

We also offer a long-range membership program for those at other bodies or who live at a distance and wish to affiliate with the body.

Local membership is not required to be a member of Ordo Templi Orientis. We are happy to offer initiation to those whose Will may not be to remain a local member, but who are interested in the benefits of initiation.

Those interested in initiation and membership may contact us at sekhetbastra.contact@oto-usa.org, or approach an officer of the Oasis at a public event.

Pay your monthly local body dues below:

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